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Husqvarna - requires a GS-911wifi or GS-911usb Generation 2 interface

Nuda 900, Nuda 900R, TR650 Strada, TR650 Terra

BMW Models that require a GS-911wifi or GS-911usb Generation 2 interface Note: These are the K001 chassis models - ALL of these K001 chassis models require the GS-911wifi or GS-911usb Generation 2 interface!


R1200GS LC (K50), R1200GS Adv LC (K51), R1200RT LC (K52), R1200R LC (K53), R1200RS LC (K54) , R nineT (K21) 2017+, R nineT Pure (K22), R nineT Scrambler (K23), R nineT Racer (K32), R nineT Urban G/S (K33)


K1600GT (K48) , K1600GTL (K48) , K1600GTL Exclusive (K48) , K1600 Bagger (K61)


S1000R (K47) , S1000RR (K46) 2015+ , S1000XR (K49)


F800GS (K72) 2016+ , F800GSA (K75) 2016+ , F800GT (K71) 2016+ , F800R (K73) 2016+ , F700GS (K70) 2017+ , F850GS (K81) 2018+ , F750GS (K80) 2018+


C650 Sport (K18A) 2016+ , C650GT (K19A) 2016+ , C400GT (K08) 2018+ , C400X (K09) 2018+ , C-evolution (K17)


G310GS (K02) 2017+ , G310R (K03) 2017+

BMW Models that are supported by GS-911blu, GS-911usb Gen 1, GS-911usb Gen 2 and GS-911wifi

R-Series:HP2 Enduro, HP2 Megamoto, R1200GS, R1200GS Adventure, R1200RT, R1200R, R1200ST, R1200S, HP2 Sport (R1200S), R nineT (2014-2016)R1200C, R1200CL, (single- & twin-spark on all models)R1150GS/Adventure, R1150RT, R1150R, R1150RS (single- & twin-spark on all models)R1100S (single- & twin-spark)R900RT, R850C, R850R, R850RT

K-Series:K1300GT, K1300R, K1300SK1200GT, K1200R, K1200R Sport, K1200S, K1200LT, K1200GT (non-CAN), K1200RS

F-Series (2000-2016):
F800GS Adventure, F800GT, F700GS, F800S, F800ST, F800GS, F800RF650GS (2008-2013, 2 cylinder)F650GS, F650GS/Dakar, F650CS (single-spark on all models)F650GS, F650GS/Dakar, F650CS (2-spark on all models)

C-Series (2000-2015):C600 Sport, C650GT, C1-125, C1-200

G-Series:G650 XChallenge, G650 XCounty, G650 XMotoG650GS, G650GS SertaoG450XS-Series (2010-2014):S1000RR, S1000RR HP4

BMW Models that are supported but require the GS-911 3-Pin Interface*

*Note: the 3-pin Interface is a stand-alone interface and does *not* require any GS-911 devices. (the older and discontinued 3-pin adapter is only compatible with the GS-911usb Gen 1 and GS-911blu)

R-Series:R1100GS, R1100R, R1100RS, R1100RT, R850GS, R850R (with 3-pin port), R850RT (with 3-pin port)

K-Series:K1100LT, K1100RS, K100RS, K1